No Beaten Path

We are a family of three who currently reside in Istanbul, Turkey but have previously lived in Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia. We have also been lucky enough to travel to many other countries. Blog posts are mainly about homeschooling and travelling, with the odd rant thrown in for good measure.

Hiking Valbonë (Valbona), Albania

When talking to Albanian acquaintances about our planned trip to Albania, one of the places they all mentioned we should try to get to was Valbonë. Billed as the real Albania wilderness, it is a land of mountains, rivers and forests. So we added it to our itinerary, and planned to hike there. The main source of information about hiking…

Salisbury Cathedral

Visiting Salisbury Cathedral

Being back in Wiltshire was so great for many reasons, and one big one was being able to go back and visit one of my favourite churches – Salisbury Cathedral. Beautiful, historically significant and welcoming, I would suggest a visit to anyone in the area.