Ten Questions with Amor for Travel

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Amor for Travel - color-coordinating adventures throughout the world

Amor for Travel is a new family travel blog that is high on the pretty visuals. After travelling to 35 countries Bel has chosen to blog about travelling with children, with the added bonus of co-ordinated family outfits.


When did you first start your blog? What was your motivation?

I just recently launched my blog in Mid-April. My motivation was to create a space where other families could be inspired to travel anywhere in the world with kids in tow.

Is your reason for writing your blog the same as when you first started?

Yes, I have the same desire at this point and hope it can help alleviate some concerns others may have when exploring the world as a family.

Do you write for a specific audience? If so, who are they?

My audience would definitely be traveling families, as well as individuals with a desire to see the world who can be inspired by our photography.  In addition, we add a unique twist by including coordinated fashion in our travels, so anyone who is looking for family fashion ideas would also be a target audience.

How do you keep motivated to keep writing? Do you find it easy? Do you have any tricks or tips for other bloggers?

I must admit that writing has been a challenge for me as it’s never been one of my strongest suits. Therefore, I allow photography to be the main form of expression while captions invite the reader to experience each photo as I did in the moment.

Amor for travel family on camels in Egypt at pyramids

Name one way that having a blog has changed your life. 

In preparing the blog until my recent launch, I have found that the time commitment is definitely at the forefont. I was of course expecting there to be some work load to maintain the site but I was unaware of the heavy process it would take to even get it up and running.

Do you use any social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.?

I am active in Instagram (http://Instagram.com/amorfortravel/), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/amorfortravel/) and Pinterest (Amor for Travel). I just recently started using twitter (@amorfortravel) and am considering some other forms of social media as well.

What are some of the things that make you decide to follow (or not follow) another blog?

I am not a big fan of cluttered blog pages. I like simple and clean blogs with coordinating colors and lots of images. I like it when they transport me to new places with their images.

Care to name another blog that you find inspiring/interesting/an example of what a really good blog can be?

One of my blog inspirations was Bucketlistbums.com I really enjoy how visual it is, while still informative, their photos do most of the talking.

Amor for Travel family in front of waterfall

Can you name something else, other than a blog, that inspires you? (a book, an Instagram account, a course you took, a person – anything!)

I would definitely have to say that The Business of Travel Blogging Course has been the biggest help and guide in diving into the world of travel blogging. It’s an intimidating plunge and it was incredibly reassuring to have a guide through the process.

Share one thing about yourself that is completely un-related to your blog – it can be anything about you!

I was born and raised in Mexico until I was 9 years old. It was a scary transition moving to a new country leaving behind our home, friends and family and without the ability to speak the English language. It was a life changing decision my family made that paved my path to a life that I would never trade in a million years.

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  1. Aileen
    April 23, 2017 at 06:48

    Wow! Anabel this blog is for sure perfect. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family pictures and your amazing experiences. I love to travel but unfortunately I dont have the money, otherwise I for sure would go visit every country.

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